Comstock on Medicaid Expansion

I oppose Medicaid expansion. Barbara voted against expansion, but until April 8, her delegate website stated she was working for reforms “so that Medicaid can be expanded…”

Before Barbara Comstock altered her Delegate website (see screen shot hereshe had the following under the heading of  health care:

“On Medicaid Reform: Delegate Comstock supports Medicaid reform before trying to expand what is currently an inefficient and broken system that does not serve those intended as well as it should.  Medicaid is the fastest-growing line item in the budget - growing from $3 billion in 2002 to more than $7 billion in 2012 – a 133% increase and 22% of the state budget, threatening to crowd out other key services such as economic development, education and transportation.  Delegate Comstock supports Medicaid reform through the implementation of better-coordinated services and managed-care options, the adoption of cost-sharing, the promotion of health and wellness, and by cracking down on fraud.  Delegate Comstock has continued working with her colleagues in the General Assembly to find workable reforms so that Medicaid can be expanded without unduly encroaching on other important areas of the budget such as education and transportation.  ..”  - See more at:

 “… Comstock, on her House of Delegates website, talks up reforming Medicaid and expanding it.”  (Richmond Times, March 12, 2014

 The Second Amendment

“I have introduced and co-sponsored Second Amendment and pro-life legislation. Barbara Comstock has not.  I don’t just vote, I lead the charge.”

For all bills introduced and cosponsored by Delegates Marshall and Comstock:

See: and 


Delegate Comstock’s legislation introduced and co-patroned: 

Comstock 2012 Chief patron   Comstock 2010 chief co-patroned bills ; Comstock 2010 co-patroned bills ;   Comstock 2011 Chief co-patron;   Comstock co-patron  2011;   Comstock 2012 Chief patron;   Comstock  2012 Chief co-patron (none); Comstock 2012 co-patron;    Comstock 2013 Chief patron;  Comstock Chief co-patron 2013;  Comstock 2013 co-patron;   Comstock 2014 Chief patron;  Comstock 2014 Chief co-patron;  Comstock 2014 co-patron;   

I oppose expanding federal gun laws.  Barbara voted against my HB 2340 to exempt Virginia from enforcing any new Obama gun restrictions.  Fourteen Republicans co-patroned my bill.  Only two Republicans voted against it.  Barbara Comstock was one of them. 

Barbara Comstock  voted to kill (Pass by Indefinitely) my Second Amendment bill, HB 2340, introduced in 2013 which would have prevented any Virginia employee from complying with federal enforcement of Barack Obama’s Executive Orders to impose limits on the individual right to keep and bear arms.  HB 2340 would also have prohibited Virginia from assisting the federal government in prosecuting Virginia citizens relating to new federal regulations affecting private ownership or private transfer of firearms, size of magazines, background checks, ammunition, arrest and detention, or search or seizure for such purposes.  Measure was referred to Appropriations Committee.

See HB 2340 bill history at 

Also see Del. Marshall’s 2014 bill (    HB 21 authorized School boards, local  (; to designate employees or parent volunteers to receive state police concealed carry firearms training; Delegate Marshall’s response to the murders at Virginia Tech was to introduce legislation to allow college professors to have a concealed carry weapon with them on campus.  A campus policeman and a college professor asked him to introduce such bills...

Pro-Life Legislation

Delegate Bob Marshall’s Pro Life Bills Passed House of Delegates & Senate Committee, failed Senate:  Law banning partial birth abortion became law. Abortion; sex-selective, penalty (HB98) failed in CommitteeAdoption of Embryos (HB 1259) continued in Committee.

Del. Marshall organized first pro-life rally in Richmond to urge Governor McDonnell to implement safety regulations for abortion clinics to protect women’s health.

Delegate Marshall’s Abortion Regulation Bill, General Pro-life and Abortion Related Bills Introduced by Bob Marshall:  Regulation and licensure of abortion clinics, parental notification for minors’ abortions, prohibit assisted suicide, informed consent for abortion, conscience clause for medical doctor residency training, prohibit partial birth abortion, classify abortion clinics as hospitals for purposes of safety regulations, modification on Health Care Decisions Act, stem cell study commission, prohibit pornography over internet sold to minors, remove pornography from state computers, hospital admitting privileges for abortionists, prohibit forced abortions, prohibit sex selection abortions, prohibit post-viability abortions, cord blood banking, prohibited sale of fetal body parts, liability for mandated Gardasil vaccine.


 “Barbara Comstock was one of seven delegates who voted against my HB 1160 which became law in 2012 to exempt Virginia from cooperating with federal authorities in arresting and detaining American Citizens without trial, jury, formal charges, legal counsel, or habeas corpus.”  

See HB 1160 bill history at   final passage vote on Gov. McDonnell’s amendment at;    

Same-sex "Marriage"

My “Marshall-Newman” Constitutional Marriage Amendment (one-man one woman) was ratified by 1.3 million voters in 2006.  Since 2009, Barbara has accepted $80,000 from Paul Singer, the billionaire donor to same-sex “marriage” causes.  Singer recently co-hosted a NYC $400,000+ fund raiser for Barbara and two other Republicans.   Ted Olson, who undid California’s Prop 8, and who is challenging Virginia’s Marriage Amendment, donated $18,700 to Comstock through 2013.  He called the decision striking down Virginia’s Marriage Amendment, “beautiful!”

“Paul Singer  … one of the foremost backers of LGBT rights on the right.  Since 2010, Singer has spent more than $10 million trying to get states to legalize gay marriage and get Republicans to join the battle.  Singer and other donors threw two fundraisers for Republican candidates in New York City ... The second fundraiser … supported three women running in House races, Elise Stefanik in New York's 21st District, Barbara Comstock in Virginia's 10th District and Martha McSally in Arizona's 2nd District.  It raised more than $400,000.”   

Washington Post Blog, Jaime Fuller, April 4, 2014;  

Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) Paul Singer and Ted Olson contributions:

Over the Counter Birth Control

“Barbara urged HHS Secretary Sebelius to sell Birth Control Pills over the counter (age 18, which includes high school seniors who might pass them to 9th graders). The American Heart Association cautions pill users about strokes and heart attacks. The American Cancer Society classifies the Pill as a Category 1 carcinogen. I oppose selling birth control pills over the counter.”

Cyber Attacks

Forbes Magazine supported my study of Cyber Attacks on Financial Institutions and ways to ensure stable currency. My HJR 590 passed the House of Delegates 65-32 last year. Barbara voted “no.” 

See Floor Substitute for Delegate Bob Marshall’s HJR 590: 

Help Victims of Forced Sterilization 

I tried to compensate each Victim of Virginia’s Forced Eugenic Sterilization$50,000 for taking away their ability to have children. She opposed my efforts two years in a row.

Vote on 2-7-13 on Marshall Sterilization Compensation Amendment.  A vote to “Pass by a floor Amendment” removes the measure from consideration.   The House Republican “leadership” urged Republicans to pass by my Sterilization compensation amendment. 

Religious Freedom

Barbara Comstock opposed my 2012 and 2013 budget amendments to prevent Virginia from using taxes to prosecute businessmen as well as religious employers opposed to providing insurance coverage for abortion pills, sterilization or birth control (even for minors without parental involvement). Virginia is not legally obligated to enforce federal laws.

See Marshall Amendment Text at 

See record vote at 

Vote for Barack Obama

Barbara Comstock said she voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 Democrat presidential primary. Yet Republicans don’t want Democrats voting in our primaries.

See Washington Post, April 10, 2014 at  

See Washington Times April 7, 2014 at   

Washington Post editorial April 15, 2014 at 

Defend Marriage Amendment

Barbara refused to sign my letter to Governor McAuliffe asking him to follow the law and appoint counsel to defend our Marriage Amendment, ratified by 1.3 million voters. 

See link at   See Washington Post article at 

Activist Judge

Barbara voted to confirm a gay agenda political activist to become a judge. Seven former military House of Delegates members found the nominee “exercised profoundly bad judgment in using his military office to advance a personal cause … an act he knew was prohibited.” I voted no. Soon this judge will impose his “same sex marriage” views in higher courts

The Family Foundation scored this vote on page 8 of their 2012-2013 Scorecard.  

Establishment Endorsements

Barbara has won the endorsements of Establishment figures who don’t fight on Banghazi, the debt crisis or “Amnesty lite.” I would challenge Speaker Boehner.  

See Comstock endorsements: