Deregulating Industries at Home: 

American hard work and ingenuity continue to be crushed by the Obama Administration's expansion of a regulatory process that Congress establishes, then follows with criticism. Day after day, American businesses are prevented from growing, achieving, hiring or even starting in the first place mostly because of the regulatory chains government puts on businesses and the innovators who own them. 

As your Representative in Congress, I will work tirelessly to remove those chains and return us to the days when freedom fueled economic growth.  I will introduce or support legislation that undoes stifling legislation in new and old industries.  I will also work with my colleagues in the House to prevent future legislation from issuing blanket rule-making authority to agencies.  Together we can reverse the size and scope of the regulatory monster. 

Holding Congress Accountable for Regulations:

Congress bears much of the blame for our suffocating regulatory state. For decades, it has passed legislation but then delegates rule writing to federal employees. Very simply, the Constitution says Congress is empowered to write the laws and federal agencies are supposed to enforce and implement them.

Congress has been absolving itself of responsibility for law making when it turns over rule and regulation writing to federal employees who are subsequently criticized for doing what Congress directs. This process is not fair to federal workers or to the American people.

Fortunately, some Members of Congress do agree that Congress must be held accountable for the bills it passes and the regulatory damage those bills cause.   As your Representative, I will work with them to support the REINS Act, which would require that Congress essentially vote to approve regulations resulting from previously passed laws.  By holding Congress directly responsible for these regulations we are likely to see a more efficient and appropriate regulatory process that avoids unnecessary burdens on businesses and American families.