"We must take our message to Washington. I'm asking you to join me in restoring our republic."

- Delegate Robert G. "Bob" Marshall - 


A leader...

"Delegate Bob Marshall ... `An Army of One.'" - Virginian Pilot, 2/26/11 

Who's candid and steadfast,

"Marshall should be taken at face value ... because he is an honest politician--he says what he means, and he does so unapologetically ..."- Manassas News and Messenger, 2/28/2010

And isn't afraid to challenging the establishment.

™Del. Robert G. Marshall ... has never been reluctant ... to challenge fellow Republicans ... left the Democratic Party after it nominated George McGovern for president ... combines a black and white sense of morality with a keen mastery of parliamentary procedure ..."
- Richmond Times Dispatch, 2/26/2010

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